II. too much??? obsessed!!!

too much??? obsessed!!! is a score for multiple voices. The text is structured as fragmentary chapters of fictional and pseudo-biographic material. These are held together by a performative framework of vocal shifts, sonic disruptions, physical gestures, and clips of electronic dance music. Its fictive protagonist, Tulsaslut, inhabits a world called Whitehell. He is sent away to a city where the promise of endless party constitutes the idea of freedom. This speculative narrative is interrupted by obsessive reflections on queer dystopia as experienced by a brown faggot in cosmopolitan chemsex Europe.

The text was originally performed at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich on October 29, 2019 as a contribution to the panel “Konsum als Obsession,” part of the “Exzess” Lecture Series hosted by the cx centrum for interdisziplinäre studien.

It was performed again in Berlin on December 26, 2019 at the artist studio Bad Muskau.

Upon invitation from Prem Sahib to prepare a text that would converse with his sculptural work in the group exhibition “Machismo” at Villa Lontana in Rome, I selected an excerpt of the text that I then annotated. The annotations serve simultaneously to score the voicing of the piece whilst providing atmosphere and additional context. This version was then published in the exhibition catalogue.